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Enjoy farm-fresh deliveries to your home, office, or a nearby pick up site in Clark County, Washington.

How it works

Choose your variety

Select which microgreen variety you want to order.

Can't decide? Choose our Weekly Variety Bag option to try them all!

We grow to order

We plant your seeds and grow them in our indoor facility for 7-10 days.

Harvest time

Your microgreens are hand harvested, packaged in compostable containers, and placed in an insulated delivery bag.

Enjoy your greens!

We bring your microgreens to a nearby pick-up site, office, or porch within 24-hours of harvest.

Growing Microgreens

Trays are hand sown, left to germinate, then placed under grow lights.
Seeding a tray.

After about a week under the lights, the microgreens are hand harvested and delivered.

About our farm

ALPINE GROWERS was established in 2022 by father-daughter team, Ivan and Emily, with the aim to provide our community with high-quality, nutritious greens.  Our indoor vertical farm is located in a rural area of Clark County, Washington. We enjoy the process of growing microgreens, developing recipes, and sharing them with our friends.

Thank you for supporting our farm and eating local. Enjoy your greens!!!

Our Practices

%100 Organic Seeds

Our microgreens are sown with seeds  sourced from True Leaf Market (USA) and are Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth to USDA organic regulations.

Clean Matters

Our trays, surfaces, and cutting tools are cleaned and sanitized with Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed products.

Indoor Grown

Our microgreens are grown in our humidity and temperature controlled indoor growing facility equipped with HEPA filtered air and filtered water.


How do I order microgreens?

We have an online store that allows you to purchase individual or weekly orders of microgreens. You can choose to have your microgreens delivered to your home or office or you can choose a nearby pick-up location.

Where does Alpine Growers deliver?

We currently deliver to select zip codes in Camas and Vancouver

Current delivery zip codes: 98607, 98660, 98661, 98663, 98664, 98665, 98683

When do you harvest microgreens?

We harvest microgreens year-round in our climate controlled growing facility. Every microgreens order is harvested and packaged less than 24 hours from the time of delivery to ensure quality and freshness.

How long do microgreens last?

Depending on the variety, microgreens can last up to 10 days if kept properly refrigerated but are best eaten as fresh as possible. Microgreens are a very delicate product and need properly handling throughout their entire growing cycle. 

How should microgreens be stored?

Microgreens should be stored between 35-41 degrees Fahrenheit. We deliver our products with an insulated bag and ice pack to maintain freshness.

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